Context menu and colors with office option


I have met a bug with the colors customization.
This bug is with context menu when we right click on files or folders.

If I don't activate office 2003 style, the colors are displayed correctly. But if I activate office 2003 style, the background color is not displayed and I get a white background.
I precise that this happens only for the context menus on files and folders. All other context menu can be changed in customize mode.

I show you the screenshots...
without office 2003 style

with office 2003 style

The office option is meant to have white backgrounds. If you don't want white backgrounds, don't use that option.

(We're thinking of removing it anyway, by the way.)

ok thanks

I loved the color band on the side :confused:

I hope I did not pushed for this...

Another way to do the color on the side might be something we'd add if we do remove the Office option. That's the main use of it really. The issue is it complicates all the other color settings, since it overrides so much and is in a different place to them, but some aspects of it could be moved into the main area, perhaps.