Context menu bug

Hi, there's a small bug(?) that affects the context menus of Dopus. Normally in a context menu you can hold your mouse down on an item, and still drag the mouse to other items. In Dopus the "current selection" (the currently selected item) is somehow locked, so if you drag the mouse it won't select a new item.

Is this making any sense? :slight_smile:

I'm not sure what you mean, can you give a concrete example of what you are clicking on or trying to do?

Any context menu in Dopus behaves as such. Right-clicking on files/icons, or any menu in the menu bar for example (file, edit, tools etc).

If the left mouse button is down, you can't hover over different menu items. In Windows you can do this natively. For example if I bring up a menu and accidentally click the left mouse button on the wrong menu item (I do that all the time) you can stop yourself in the last nanosecond (keeping the left mouse button down), and navigate to another menu item, then release the left mouse button.

You can do that in Opus too, it's just that the highlight doesn't move with the mouse until you release the button. In fact it's even better than Explorer in that regard, as you can move the mouse off the highlighted item, and then release the button without it triggering the new selection automatically.

For me the highlight does follow the mouse but, as Jon says, nothing gets run if I release the button over a different item (which seems like a good thing).

So basically its designed that way and i should get รถver it already? :wink:

What's the actual problem it is causing you? It doesn't force you to run an action that you've clicked by accident, even if the highlight doesn't move when you move the mouse away.

(Not sure why the highlight does move for me but not for you & Jon, I guess I'm either doing something different or my configuration is different in a subtle way. But in either case, there's no problem with an accidental left-click meaning you have to run a function; just move off the thing you accidentally left-clicked and release the button, then click what you intended to click. Or have I misunderstood?)

I'm just really lazy and Im used to the way it behaves in windows

So you want an accidental click to trigger an action without any way to cancel it? That seems strange to me. :slight_smile:

Well since I'm used to Windows' behavior it isn't accidental to me since I expect it to behave like that. It's not a big deal really it's just my brain skips a beat every time it happens if you catch my drift? :smiley:

Is there any way I could coax the team into adding this behavior as a setting? I'd gladly send a couple gold nuggets your way to support the cause :smiley:

Mostly because the rest of Windows and other apps behave a particular way, so everytime I'm in Dopus I have to switch browsing "styles" :confused:

You don't really have to switch browsing styles between programs. If you click the item you want to click, instead of another item, then that works in everything. :slight_smile: I'm not against making things the same as how other menus are, but it's a pretty low priority in this particular case to be honest, as I don't understand the desire to click on the wrong thing rather than the thing you want.