Context menu commands or keyboard input as buttons?

Is there a way to access functions and commands that already exist in the windows context menu and use them for toolbar buttons?
At the moment, I want to create buttons that have the OneDrive functionality from the context menu, like Share or Create Link (there are several), which open a OneDrive dialog to upload/share the selected files with other people.
There's also the Share with Skype button, which looks interesting for example.
(Ideally, I would like to clean up the windows context menu afterwards, because there are so many unused spam entries, but thats a different topic...)

Also, I'd like to create a button that opens the new windows clipboard (Windows Key + V). How can I enter keyboard input/combinations in the button functions?


Via Windows' SendKeys command.

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Thanks, it worked.
Ideally, I'd like the button to be greyed out if the context menu command doesn't exist for that item (or if nothing is selected, where it also wouldn't exist), but for now, a simple button will do.

In case others want a button like this:
The Context Menu Commands for OneDrive unfortunately don't have verbs, so this button cannot be shared easily (they have to be adressed language dependent or dependent on installation order)
In my case, it's:
ContextMenu LABEL="Teilen"

(To find out the verb of a context menu entry, select a file or folder of that type in Dopus, press > on the keyboard and enter contextmenu showcmds).

Unfortunately, it appears that SendKeys doesn't have the Windows key and Esc+Ctrl doesn't work as a substitute for the clipboard history.
I've also tried entering the combination using PowerShell or a ShellCommand so far... Guess I'll give up on it for now.