Context menu, dark background colour


I downloaded dark theme from here Simple Windows 10 Dark Theme
I really appreciated all theme and i installed to my 2 laptop. One of theme unfortunately, show an issue when i selected several files and open Context Menu. All menu is native colour and not dark. I checked all setting in Context Menu buti i didnt solve. I attached my current settings and a context menu screenshot.

I appreciate for any help.

You can attach screenshots to posts directly. Just drag or paste the image into the editor. (I've moved it over to the forum for you.)

The screenshot looks like it's a screenshot of the Customize window, not a context menu that's the wrong color? Is it showing the correct thing?

Thank you as usual Leo. I misunderstood maybe. Could you please tell me where I find the right menu?

The colors for most menus and context menus are controlled via Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Toolbar and menu defaults. e.g. Menu background.

If changing that doesn't affect a menu, please post a screenshot of the menu so we can see which one it is. (There are some menus which are generated by Windows and not Opus, for example.)

Leo i took a look in that settings but it works if i right click without select anything, but if i try to select any file i get default Windows colour. Hope you can guide me to the right setting. Thanks!

It looks like you're using quite an old version of Opus 12 there. The menu colors were added in 12.10 (October 2018).

Thank you Leo, the problem is that one, i was using an older version. Sorry for the post!

Now everything working well. Thank you!