Context menu does not fit screen


sub menus of the context menu do not fit the screen anymore. I'm not sure which version introduces this behavior, the Windows explorer shows the context menu correctly. Since Tortoise Git has a very long menu, it is easy to reproduce this behavior. But also the "send to" menu can be used to show this behavior.

I'm using a 4k screen with a zoom level of 175% + a FullHD screen. The issue is still there if I have just the 4k screen enabled. If you need more details, I'm happy to provide them.


Is it just that the bottom of the last item is slightly off-screen, or are there whole items missing?

If it's just the former, we noticed the same a few days ago and have a fix in the pipe for the next beta.

Mixed DPIs still trigger a number of bugs in Windows, so that could be a factor. If more than just the bottom of the last item is being cut-off, could you see if it still happens with just one screen enabled, after rebooting?

(Rebooting is needed to fully update DPI changes, while having just a single monitor active will check what happens without mixed DPIs.)

There are items missing. In case of Tortoise GIT actually a lot of items.

I did the following:

  • disconnect the notebook from the dock and restart => broken context menu
  • reconnect the dock with the 4K + FullHD attached => broken context menu
  • reboot with only the 4k screen attached => broken context menu
  • disconnect the dock => broken context menu

There is one thing I can do to get it working: set the zoom/scaling to 100%. I can barley read something, but the context menu works :slight_smile:

Are any Compatibility or DPI settings turned on for dopus.exe?

(Type /home into the Opus location field to find the main exe, then right-click and choose Properties.)

All related options should be off, like in these two dialogs:

High DPI scaling override was set! After removing that setting, it works as expected. I guess I did that setting for an older version.

Thanks you very much!!

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