Context menu - enque or play music folder in Dopus 9.5/Win7

Using Win 7 64 bit with Dopus - 64 bit. I have used Dopus since the Commodore Amiga days. It is unbeatable as a file manager. Jon and Gregg have been great through the years in support issues.. I am a registered Dopus user. Now..after saying all that why is it that still Dopus cannot properly provide a context menu to enque or play a highlighted music folder using WMP? This has been an issue for YEARS! All the while all the released Windows versions have provided this convenient context menu in Windows Explorer. MY SOLUTION: (some might not like it)

Install Winamp for your multimedia needs. Maybe WMP sucks...dunno but this fly in the ointment has gonme on way too long for me.

-ps even in Dopus' Replace Explorer mode Dopus cannot provide a WMP enque or play choice on the context menu. BTW Winamp has a usage footprint 1/4 the size of WMP.

Thank you I feel better. Lastly thank you Jon andGregg again..sometimes I feel they get a lot of flack and have always come through with grace and poise.

'Ere, 'oo are you callin' Grace?

The "Add to Windows Media Player list" item only appears in Opus if the filetype is associated with Windows Media Player.

I'm wrong, sort-of.

The menu item will still appear when another program is associated with the files, unless that program also adds an Enqueue verb. I was testing with Foobar2000 which adds its own Enqueue verb and in Opus that replaces the WMP enqueue verb. (The menu items come from the verbs.)

My question's scenario was right clicking a music 'folder' not single music 'file'. No problem for years with Dopus/Winamp but with Dopus/WMP nothing but years of futility and an accasional "that will be fixed in the next Dopus release"

I challenge you to post a screenshot of a hightlighted music folder's (not a single music 'file') context menu with a similar WMP 'add to playlist' choice visible.

Even in a supposed tech support still amazes me how many people evidently do not actually read the text or even the subject line of a post. But instead shoot from the hip with non-related 'fix' or 'see it's OK on my machine' boast. It serves no one and wastes my time and thiers.

What you actually wrote was

A slightly clearer description would have been

There is a subtle difference, apart from the fact that WMP will not play folders.

I mention this because the script wizards here, who seem to be able to just about anything in DOpus, might be able to come up with something that selects the contents of a folder and then passes that list to WMP.

It is beyond my competence level, but so is most of this stuff.

Even using the word 'subtle' is a gross overstatement. Some people have common sense. When I posted to be able to play a music folder on the context menu I fely certain most would 'know' it was the folder's contents I wanted to play since I described it as a "music folder" D U H.....

I falied to sieze my opportunity to 'nit pick' on you . WMP DOES play music folders from the context menu from Explorer. However not so with DOPUS. Maybe one day Dopus will actually live it's claim:

"Directory Opus, the Explorer replacement and File Management solution for Windows"

Music file and folder handling through context menus Dopus fails miserably with WMP....hey no biggie. I stopped walking the plank fopr my fav app decades ago sonny

Apologies that both Jon and I mis-read the original message and thought it was about right-clicking files rather than folders.

Note that this is a user-run forum where people respond in their spare time, it's a weekend, we read & respond to a lot of messages (as well as doing our day jobs) and sometimes people misinterpret things, especially in messages that have lots of superfluous detail...

Now, do you want people to help you or have you just come here to prove how clever you are and make a huge deal over one app's menu item not appearing on one file type when it's the first time (as far as I can remember) that anyone has brought it up?

I had a look at the WMP folder context menu items and they're added in an unusual way which Opus doesn't currently support. (I'm not sure if it's even documented but I haven't had a chance to look properly yet. Maybe it is. The menu items themselves use the DelegateExecute stuff which definitely isn't documented, but that may not be a problem. They're added to folders via the "Diirectory.Audio" file type which only WMP uses and which I've not seen any docs on. But, as I say, I've only had a brief look so far.)

It should be possible to manually add entries which do the same thing if you don't mind them appearing on all folders (not just ones containing audio). It'll take some more investigation to work out if the standard WMP entries can be made to work or something can be added to emulate them.

That's a nice compliment. I have never claimed to have common sense.

Forgive me for not throwing it at your message, the latest one from you shows clearly that English is not your first language. Had I realised that before, I might have replied differently.

Thank you very much Leo for that research. That does answer my query and explains the cause of the symptom I posted originally.

Charlie in Florida