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Context Menu for large results

Today I accidentally right-clicked on a list of 33,000 files in a search result pane. Needless to say I regretted that little click for the next 10 minutes. It seems like it would be an easy fix to bring up either a temporary context menu saying, "you know this will take forever, right?" or something so that I can cancel it. It not only locked up that DOPUS window, it locked up that drive in all DOPUS windows. And, when it was done it brought up the context menu on top of the other program I was in and stole focus, which is doubly dangerous.

Also, all of the files in the search results were simple, text-associated files (*.log), so it seems like looking up the proper context menu items would have been very quick. Is there a way that instead of using local control information for the context menu, it used the search cache? Of course, I may very well be making invalid assumptions about how the context menu is being generated in DOPUS. I'm assuming that you're not leaving it up to default context menu handling in Windows, but maybe that's the problem.

Thanks for a great program!

Let me do this thing were they link to an Article about the subject. :stuck_out_tongue:

(don't know if it's useful directly, but probably good to read through first if you haven't yet)

This has been on the list for quite a while - time to do something about it :slight_smile: In the next version Opus will display a confirmation message before generating the context menu if a large number (by default, >100) of files are selected.

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I don't have issues with context menus taking long to render, just tried with 9000 files, it took 12 seconds which is quite ok for a non-SSD system I guess, but I wanted to ask, isn't 100 files as the new default quite a verrry low threshold? I am quite sure I select 100 files mutliple times a day and would feel uncomfortable if that confirmation pops up everytime.

Just thinking that it should be at around 5000 files or something by default?!
I'd expect many people to wonder what is going on with this context menu confirmation, could be off-putting for some.
Now you can obviously set the threshold, but I also know users, they are lazy and many never ever entered the help or preferences section on their own to tweak even the tiniest bits on DO.

Oops, that was a typo. The default is 1000.

I see, all good! o)