Context menu icon bug

The bug is caused with BitZipper (zip compression tool) associated with zip and rar files. When right clicking a rar file, the context menu pops up (containing the BitZipper menu item). The funny thing is, the context menu is extremely wide, with the BitZipper icon taking up a lot of space on the left side of the context menu.

From the screenshot it looks like BitZipper have an error in the icon resource they are using for their context menu entry. It looks as if they are using a 32x32 icon with the image in the top-left corner, instead of a 16x16 icon as they should be.

I suggest you contact the manufacturer of BitZipper about this problem.

No, I think it's a dopus problem. Here is a screenshot of the same context menu from windows explorer:

Well here's a screenshot of the Opus Zip menu in Opus.

No problems there.

Hmmm....what are you trying to tell me?

I know the Opus context menu looks fine without BitZipper. The reason I use BitZipper, is so I can unrar a rar file from the BitZipper menu item on the context menu. Opus zip does not have this ability.

This icon context menu problem may not only apply to BitZipper, but other programs as well.

I have never seen another context menu item exhibit this behaviour except for BitZipper.

there are ther same probleme with FolderIcon XP 1.02 (

It's a program for customize icon forlder

Though I've not seen the code for either program and am just guessing, it looks to me like the bug is in both these programs supplying icons which are the wrong size.

They may be exploiting (perhaps without realising it) the fact that Explorer will only use the top-left 16x16 corner of the icons but it still looks like the bug is in these two programs and not in Opus.

Ok, we have a workaround for this issue now. We have not released this generally yet but if you want to try it, version is available from ... nstall.exe

waaaaaaaouuuuuuuuuu a new version ??

where is the change log please ?

Why zip icon are in 16bits ?

Change log will be provided when it's publicly released.

Does it fix the problem described above or not?

read my last post...

:cry: :cry: :cry:

i don't know what's happen in this forum since few days, but many people (admin include) are aggressive.
this forum are the unique place where we can reply bug, need help, request feature, have solutions...

I read your post, and instead of saying whether the new version has fixed the issue at hand, you went off on a tangent complaining about 16 bit icons...

Is the problem (the one described in the original post, by newboy, and then later confirmed by you) fixed or not? It's a simple question, I would have thought?

I thought screenshoot are enough...

So... thank for the last version that fix this little bug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Questions, suggestions are made to improve DO, not to bug admin...