Context Menu Image Rotate Issue


I have such context menu for image transformations:

0. Context Menu

Also I have two images. First one BAD is source photo made by smartphone. Second one GOOD is same photo automatically resized and repacked by Telegram while sending via message.

If I rotate both images by my context menu Rotate image LEFT, happens this:

How to fix it?

Might be the exif rotation tag. Neutralize it with

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I tried to fix that way. So, every time I need to rotate photos from smartphone I must to fix EXIF before. It’s double work, because initially I don’t know the source of photos. Also, after applying that fix, filesize of JPG was significant reduced, so that isn’t EXIF fix by itself, but also repacking of JPG (with losses). Can I rotate image just ignoring EXIF orientation referenced by image like it viewed in pane (viewer shows image orientation correct) instead of doing double work? Maybe some options or arguments?

Or can I setup image viewer to initially show photos according to EXIF?

Type "exif" into the Preferences filter to find the three EXIF rotation options (thumbnails, standalone viewer, viewer pane).

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Thank you, Leo! Before I found just one EXIF setting for viewer. I didn't even think there were three of them.