Context menu issue about 2 file type groups overlap

here is the problem:

I have at least two file type groups

  • File extensions .ext1 and .ext3 are associated to file type group named "Group 1"
  • File extensions .ext2 and .ext3 are associated to file type group named "Group 2"

    I set a context menu for each file type group

Here is the context menu that DOpus will be display depending on the file types selected...

Why DOpus doesn't display any context menu entry in the last two examples?
It should display respectively context menu B only and context menu A only.

File Type Groups aren't designed to overlap like that.

What kind of thing are you doing where you need overlapping groups?

I use file type group as a way to display the right context menu depending on file types selected:

-Paint Tool SAI is a digital painting program which can open those extensions .sai, .psd, .bmp, .png, .jpg, .tga
-Photoshop can open all of them excepted the extension .sai so I set a group for Photoshop and a group for SAI so I can open those files in the program I want and Directory Opus never displays the Photoshop context menu when I am selecting a .sai extension

-Another example, some program can open icon files and image files but Photoshop can open only image files...etc
I have plenty of file type groups, one of them concerns only those extension .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .tif and .tiff and allows me to extract a color profile from these file types...and the program works only for these files so the context menu appears only when those files types are selected.

Is there another way to do that?
I could create a context menu entry per file type but when a program is able to open 20 different file types, that will be a slow way to do what I need. And I am not even sure the file types depends on Directory Opus only as they are named "system file types".