Context Menu: Move to folder named after file

I wonder whether it would be possible to add to the context menu a "Copy to" and "Move to" folder named after a filename.

So, something:
Create Filenamed Folder to MOVE to
Create Filenamed Folder to COPY to

My workaround is to first F2-edit/copy the filename and then paste it in the box that is presented when using Copy/Move to RMB feature.


Current situation:

Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstringS|Name of Folder to move to...|{file$|noext}}"


Copy HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstringS|Name of Folder to copy to...|{file$|noext}}"

Or, if you don't want a dialog box:



Copy HERE CREATEFOLDER {file$|noext}

And also have a look here: [Creating folders from filename)

Hello again,

Thank you!

To be frank I am not familiar with this and how to set this up. :blush:

A long time ago , early Jan 2006, I learned that I should go into

Settings->File Types->All files and click on edit or something. ..?

Regretfully I am not sure where to go and do what and have already spent over half an hour puzzling.

Cud you pls lead me into the good direction advising what steps to take/click on what and select what ... ?

I got as far as below, but no context menu ..

thanks again.


Settings > FileTypes > all files > edit > context menu tab > new > type: standard function > paste the code and enter a name for the action

Very close now ... :slight_smile:
The situation now is as flws:
when RMB select a folder and then drag it to another folder I get this pop-up from my first post.
So I used the "Drop"-tab, created a new entry there, copy-pasted the code.
Sofar so good. Regretfully, it does not work entirely well: when I RMB select a folder and drag it to another folder, DO brings up this pop-up window and presents the new option as first one alright. However, in fact it creates a folder and move the fle into that folder on in the ... source ... folder, i.e. from \dowloads to \temp the folder is created in \downloads
instead of \temp.

any suggestions ?


You need to remove the HERE argument from the commands.

HERE tells them to copy to the source instead of the destination, but you want to copy to the destination as usual.

(In a drag & drop, the thing you drag from is the source and the thing you drop on is the destination.)

Fan-tas-tic !!

Many thanks you guys...

I should have asked this much earlier. :wink:

Thanks again.