Context menu not showing in details/power mode?

Hi Guys,

I'm evaluating Opus and must say I'm very impressed.
The customisation options are insane and I'm really enjoying using it.
The mode I use it in most is detail mode; for some reason my context menu is not showing anymore when I rightclick in details mode.
It does show in list, thumbnail etc. but not in Detail or Power mode.
I've tried switching off the windows shell extensions thing in Preferences->Misc. but it doesn't make a difference.
I've also tried many options for the rightclick option in Power mode (with the menu you can select various options for it) but this also doesn't make a difference.

I installed Opus on another machine and it works there in detail mode, so I'm guessing I either disabled something by accident or it's a bug..

anyone got any ideas?



Hmmm... I looked around and can't recall where I actually downloaded the PDF file which describes changes and bugfixes between 8.0 and 8.1; but please check out this topic posted by Jon where he talks about the ContextMenuDbg registry string value which you can create to help troubleshoot context menu problems...

Once you've created that string value go back to Dopus and right click on something you know to not be working properly, and you should see a console window appear with a title of Directory Opus. There should be some CLSID values dumped to the console screen, which you should copy and paste to the forum here (or you might want to go to GPSoft website and open a support ticket). To copy the values, click on the 'my computer' looking icon thing in the top left hand corner of the console window and in the menu select Edit->Mark. This will let you highlight the text in the console window, and once highlighted, just hit the right mouse button on the highlighted text to copy it to the clipboard - you won't see a menu, it will just copy it straight to the clipboard... I can't speak for GPSoft, but hopefully something will appear in that console output that is different than 'normal'... my output when clicking on a .txt file for instance is:

CLSID: {b5eedee0-c06e-11cf-8c56-444553540000}
CLSID: {7A0B5906-6671-42FE-B404-6247FC57770B}
(ExplorerMenuExtension Class)