Context menu (right click) locks up DO

8033 ANSI version

Context menu (right click) locks up DOpus or does not work at all if I wait long enough. Once I right click there is a lot of hard drive activity and nothing. Usually I have to reboot the system to get DO back. This also happens with the Unicode version.

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This seems fine here - does anyone else have a problem with the context menu in the new version?

Reinstalled the old version, Context menu worked no problem. Installed the new version again and the context menu still does not work with the same results as above.

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DO Version ANSI 8034
Windows XP SP2

Being more specific, the context menu does not work on Folders. It does work on all DO tool bars. In the Folder Tree view it works on Drives but not Folders. Opening a folder and viewing it contents it will not work.

It does work on Windows explorer folders and the content of a folder at the same time DO is open.

When I do "right click" a lot of hard drive activity happens and "Windows Subsystem is attempting to access the internet" according to the software firewall. This happens everytime. If I wait long enoungh DO retruns to normal and nothing happens. If I right click a second time the same process accurs as above and then it locks up and I have to reboot to get back to DO.

This also happens in Safe Mode.

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Presumably something on your system is adding items to the folder context menu and is, somewhat worryingly, trying to access the internet when they're displayed... Not sure why the new Opus would trigger it but it's definitely something I'd track down!

You can tell Opus to ignore 3rd party context menus using Preferences, Miscellaneous, Windows Integration, Hide Windows items on file context menus which might help until you can work out which item is causing the problem.

Maybe whatever it is is innocently accessing the internet (e.g. an auto-update check triggered by it being loaded into memory to handle the context menu), but who knows. Either way, GPSoft are usually quite quick to resolve problems with other shell extensions and context menu handlers once they know what the program causing the conflict is.

If you open RegEdit and have a look in here it might give you a clue about which program is causing the problem:


Sometimes the entries can be a bit more hidden though.

Well... Hide Windows on the Context Menu is a good temporary fix for right clicking.

I eliminated some Context Menu items in the registry but still have the problem. There is only one item that I want to use and that is Scan with Norton Anti-virus.

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Now that I have "Preferences, Miscellaneous, Windows Integration, Hide Windows items on file context menus" turned on. When I Right Click on a Drive, all of the 3rd party programs are appear and everything works great. It only ignores 3rd party programs when you Right Click on folders. Why does this pertain only to folders? How come I am not running into any errors when I Right Click on a Drive?

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Drives shown inside My Computer? The My Computer view is supplied by Explorer rather than Opus, including the menus you get from right-clicking items in it.

You will need to work out which context menu extension is causing the problem. Turn off any extensions that have options to do so, and see if that fixes it. Then progressively turn them back on until you find the one that triggers it. Then tell us which one it is so we can work out why.

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Download Version 8.1 Unicode today for XP and had the same problem. Right click on files crashes DO.

I have included a program for which I need a VPN connection and the channel is not always open.

If DO can't establish a conncetion, ....

I also have temporarily disabled HKCR...\ContextMenuHandlers to avoid this problem.

However, beside the fact, that the 8.0X version or Explorer hangs for 10--20 seconds when using this menu handler, it would be nice to fix this :smiley:


I'm seeing this as well. Problem just cropped up with the version which I installed this morning. The problem occurs whenever I right click on a file (not folder) or select a file and try to access the File... menu. When I do this DO will stall for about 30 or so seconds. The work around is to enable the "Hide windows items on file context menus..." in the Preference->Windows Integration tab. This was working and now it's not after installing 8.1, so I doubt it is an errant application in my system. The workaround is also not an acceptable long term solution.


As I said previously:

With the help of Jon I have discovered the program that was locking up DOpus v8.1. :smiley: It was a PC Magazine program ContextMenu Plus. This program is not necessary with all the functionality of DO. This info may help others with this problem.

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