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Context Menu ''the Return"

Good Evening everybody, i have done some searchs on the forum but after one hour i didn't find how i can put "all windows items" in a sub menu for the context menu (for all files and folder), i have just see the option to hide them in prefs, i have also see "Nudel" menu on a screenshot with an entry [others command] and by that i think it's possible, can you help me please ?

Put this in a sub-menu:


(From this guide.)

Thanks you leo, it works near very well, but i still have in the beginning of the list the open, explore, search (at least under vista) and i can't find a way to remove it...if you have a solution it would be cool however thanks you very much for the origin tips ! ^^

You mean the list generated by the command I pasted? There's no way to remove selective things from that list. You can either have everything, or remove everything and (optionally) explicitly add back selected items.

Nah... he probably means in the main context menu stuff that is left over after forklifting all the 'windows' items into a sub-menu and hiding them in the main menu in prefs.

I think those items are part of the default shell 'Actions' which Opus does NOT filter out along with the rest of the third party menu entries when you 'hide windows context menu items'. For what it's worth, maybe that Prefs option should be renamed to 'hide third-party...' or similar.

The only way you can get rid of some of those other items would probably be to muck up your registry a bit - but that will ALSO affect Explorer.

I'm not sure why Opus does not hide those items... and for some reason NOT all of those things are shown on the File Types 'Actions' page for a given file type. If that could be corrected, then perhaps GPsoft could be petitioned to:

a) offer an option that 'actually' hides the built-in 'Windows' context menu items including these default shell actions...?
b) offer an explicit 'Hide' option for each of the individual shell actions listed on the 'Actions' page under Filetypes...?

Anyway, i keep just what LeO give to me, it works and it avoid to have a big context menu, thank you LeO & Steje ^^