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Context menu Windows Explorer non visible


a cascading context menu (drive, folder, directory, directory/background) visible in Windows Explorer is not visible in Directory Opus (11.18 x64, Windows 7). Neither as Directory, Directory\Background, folder nor as drive context menu.

The cascading menu has been created following the official instructions by Microsoft. Attached the registry file of the cascading menu.

I have problems too with other context menu entries (not cascading) mostly related to the background of the Directory Opus tab (HKCR\Directory\Background value). For example the git entry (see attached is visible as Directory context menu but not as Directory\Background context menu (the background of a tab).

The Directory Opus option to hide Explorer context menu items is switched off.

Anyone a hint how to resolve this or should I open file a bug?

Thanks in advance (549 Bytes) (879 Bytes)

As per the docs you link to, ExtendedSubCommandsKey should be a sub-key, not a value pointing to somewhere else in the registry.

If Explorer supports the value way of doing things, it is undocumented as far as we are aware, and this is the first time we've seen it. (Microsoft's docs on cascading menus very badly written, so they may well not reflect reality! Part of the reason we only have limited support for them, as the details are not really defined.)

(Also note that Opus only supports a single level of menus defined in this way, and won't work with nested versions. It doesn't look like that limitation should affect what you're doing, but it's worth knowing about if you plan to create menus via the regsitry. Discussion here.)

It's usually easier to create menus and sub-menus using Opus's own method, which can be done via the Settings > File Types GUI without editing the registry.