Context menu woes / Repair AudioCD file type

Ive been trying to get some context menus setup, at the moment for CD drives on the explorer menu, and in the process ive installed several programs to test out.

Anyway, in my "File Types" > "System File Types" I had an entry of "(NONE) Audio CD", now for this entry I have put in several context menu's such as "Rip CD", "Display CD-TEXT", things that are useful to me in my day to day work.

Now, I had pretty much finished doing what I wanted to do, and went through the process of uninstalling some of the apps I went through testing with, and in the process, the "Audio CD" entry in the file types has now disappeared, and im not sure how to get it back.

My context menu options are still present for the "Audio CD" type, but I now have no means of being able to get to them to edit thier behaviour.

Can anyone advise me on how to get that file type reappear in the "System File Types" ?

Also, would anyone be able to explain a little, how it actually works? I dont quite understand how this "Audio CD" file type knows how to identify the cd as an Audio CD.

The reason I ask, is I think I may find it useful if I was able to have the following types available for me to customize my context menus further ;

DVD Video
DVD Data
CD Audio
CD Data
Blank CD

Thanks in advance for any help!!! :smiley:

Type /dopusdata\FileTypes into the location field and you should see a file called AudioCD.oxr or similar. That file is where your Opus-specific context menu changes will be stored.

It sounds like uninstalling one of the programs removed part of the Audio CD filetype's details from the registry. (At least the part of which Opus look at when building the list of filetypes for the editor.) That's made the settings within AudioCD.oxr orphaned as far as the filetypes editor goes. The settings are still there but won't show up in the editor.

If you open RegEdit and go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, is there an AudioCD key below that?

Hi leo,

I didnt know about the .oxr files, so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I managed to get it working again by adding the following registry entry:


As I said in my previous post, im intrigued as to how this actually works, and how this filetype identifies a cd as an Audio CD. I presume that an audio cd is something that windows can internally identify by quickly scanning some contents of the CD (is it called content sniffing?), and I presume its the "EditFlags"=dword:00000002 in combination with the "BaseClass" which determines the type as being an Audio CD.

So, to jump to my other question, are there more types that windows can identify, such as "Blank CD", "DVD Movie", "DVD Data" etc..., im thinking possibly another entry into the registry similar to the above, but possibly changing dword to 00000004 or 000000008, or something along those lines, to identify other content types.

Thanks again for the help

I'm not sure how it works, sorry. Just got the registry key by looking at the file Opus created when I edited the type here.