Context Menu

I would like to be able to right-click on a file or a folder and have the "find files" tool run.
I used to run a separate app that I could then add to the context menu.
I decided when I moved to V10 I would'nt do that any more and just use the tool.
Now I find I'd like to go back to using the right-click context menu.

Anyway...after a lot of reading on this forum I'm not sure there is a way to do it or the method is so obscure I am simply not getting it.


You can do it using a layout but normally you'd instead simply go into the folder and turn on the Find panel (Ctrl-F or Tools->Find), which is about the same amount of time/clicks.

Actually, for me there's already a Search... item on the folder menu, which I think comes from Windows (but within Opus, Opus diverts it to its own tool). Do you have that already? I know some people don't have it for some reason, while others do. (Both inside and outside of Opus. It seems to be tied to some Windows component/update.)

confirmed. winxpsp3 (32-bit), do10.0.0.6beta.

Go to Settings->Filetypes->All Folders, choose the context menu tab, choose New. Now choose Start Application (not supported by Explorer) and fill in your command e.g. Find in {F} to do a Search in all selected Folders.
You can also use a command that doesn't open the Searchpanel but only a dialog box where you can type your Searchstring. The following example additionally opens the results in a new Tab:

Find in {F} NAME "{dlgstring|Searchstring:}" SHOWRESULTS=tab CLEAR COLLNAME="Search Results" 

@leo: I also had the "Search..." entry but it allways opened the Windows Search.
I found the entry for this in the "All Folders->Actions"-Tab: Name=find, Action=C:\Windows\Explorer.exe
I deleted the action to try if it's the right entry. After restoring the action, clicking on "Find..." simply opened Explorer. Deleting the entry must have destroyed some registry settings.
I deleted the entry again to get rid of it and I'm happy with the above command now.

Thanks. The Windows Search does not work for me. I will try kundal's settings tonight.

Works like a champ! Thanks.