Context Menu

I am trying Directory Opus as a replacement for Power Desk, which I have used for many years.
DOpus seems to have the same problem as Power Desk with the context menu though, in that the 'Open With' menu just produces a dialog, and not the list of applications that Explorer does.
Is this a known problem and is it likely to be fixed?

Works fine here.

I don't have any problems with the "Open with" command. I click on it and windows pops open a window with all the available programs to choose from.

Tanis, I have a question for you though. Like I mentioned above I get the normal "Windows" open with dialog box to choose my program to open with, what did you change to get the drop down menu with the icons next to them instead of the "Windows" box? Your drop down menu is alot nicer!


I haven't done anything to it. Thats just the Windows XP item which shows up for many file types.

Of course, things like .exe just get the openwith... item which displays the selection dialog.

Notice in Tanis' example he has like 6 programs shown... I think the list of programs shown as a sub menu on the Open With menu only appears if more than 3 or 4 apps are listed on that file types' Recommended Programs: list. Pick an arbitrary file type (text file maybe) and then select your plain old Open With menu item. If the "Windows cannot open this file" dialog pops up, choose the "Select the program from a list" bullet and in the Open With dialog that pops up, deselect the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox if it's checked and select whatever program you usually like to open text files... and keep doing it until you see programs listed in the sub menu.

Anyone who knows how to force the menu to appear without three or four apps in the Recommended Programs List gets 1000 points.

Actually, I have a few types that seem to only have 2 programs in the recommended list... maybe it just has something to with actually 'using' items in the list 'from' the list?