ContextMenu - Open & Open as Admin items broken


After migrating from W10 to W11, i noticed that my contextmenu for exe files seems broken for exe filetype.
I'm able to "open" and "open as administrator" with file explorer without problems but nothing is happening in Dopus context menu.
I'm using Dopus12 latest version.

Do you have any idea to fix this?

Thanks for your help!
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The registry/filetype setup looks OK.

Does double-clicking exes work in Opus, or does that do nothing as well?

Have you checked if your antivirus is blocking Opus from running things?

Thanks Leo,

Double-clicking exe files is working pretty well and as expected.
I've disabled my antivirus and i'm still unable to open / open as administrator from the context menu.

I've also checked others filetypes like .txt or jpeg and discovered that open / edit or other 'legacy' operations are also concerned by this issue, like if file associations from the OS were not taken in account in dopus..

Thanks for your help!
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Finally found the culprint , QuickSFV.
All entries installed on contextmenu by this apps were defect, even making dopus crashing when used.
Entries were present for several filetypes so removing it had resolved all my issues.

Thanks for your help !

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