Control active/inactive file-display state for default liste

At the moment the left-most file display is always the active one (green) when I open a new lister. I would love to be able to change the default active file display to be the right-most of the two.

This is because I run dual monitors and I'm used to usually having a dual-view Dopus window filling the left monitor. So the right file display within Dopus is the one that's nearest my field of vision in my dual-monitor setup.

Even better would be to allow the active/inactive state of the file displays to be saved along with a lister layout.


You can do this with a Saved Layout. This will remember the exact layout for one or more Listers that you want to open and exactly where and how.

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and brought up a dual pane lister and clicked in the right side to make it 'active' and then saved it as a custom layout. When I loaded it however, the left side was the active file display. Clicking on the 'Set As Default Lister' option also did not help the right side display come up as the active part of the lister :frowning:.

Manually running set state dest switches focus to the right side display and sets it as the source lister, but I don't know how you can invoke this function during the opening of a lister... at least using the 'normal' ways to open listers; a hotkey could do it as could a custom shortcut using dopusrt and a user command to load a layout then run the 'set' function. But I don't know how you could get this to run for dbl-clicking the desktop which is my preferred way to open a lister... at least without possibly messing with the registry - which Greg doesn't like :wink: (kidding greg)...

I can confirm that Opus doesn't remember the source state of dual listers in a saved layout. I have reported this to the relevant [d]wine drinkers[/d] authorities. :slight_smile:

As an interim solution you could setup two tiled listers as a layout - Opus seems to remember the source state for multiple listers correctly. Placed correctly, the only significant difference will be each lister will have it's own duplicate set of toolbars.