Control DOpus on another machine across the network

I'm wanting to be able to control a remote copy of Dopus - specifically, make it navigate to the same folder I'm seeing on my local machine.

Now I can do this by scripting a button to drop a txt file into a folder which is shared between the two machines and have an external script watching for this action and responding accordingly...

But is there a better way? All the copies of DOPus are on the same network.

There's a large part of the DOpus manual I don't understand and maybe this functionality is buried somewhere in there?


P.S. RPC capabilities are restricted at work

P.P.S. If I do have to drop txt files to make this work, is there a cmdline language that will make DOpus do certain things?
(I mean beyond just opening the folder, which a regular DOS command would accomplish)

To your last question - you can execute Opus functions using the stub program "Dopusrt.exe"...

But theres certainly no feature in Opus itself to give you the facility of being remotely controlled... so you'll have to come up with a method that is acceptable to you. Too bad RPC is walled off... otherwise, you could enable/disable a mode of operation when you want to do this sort of work where (for instance) double-clicking on folders on your local machine could ALSO run a program to send similar navigation commands to the remote machine (through calls to the remote machines dopusrt).

Out of curiosity - what does getting the remote machine to echo your local machines folder navigation accomplish for that is of any use? Just wondering...

hope there's a good detailed description in the manual about Dopusrt.exe - so it is written specifically for RPC use?

The assets at work (video and audio files) are buried in complicated directory structures. I hate navigating through them any more than is absolutely necessary.
We also regularly use 3-5 machines at the same time. If I suddenly decide I want to complete a job on another machine, I'd like to be able to jump to that machine and not have to re-navigate to the desired folder.

Well, dopusrt isn't RPC specific at all - it's just a stub program that lets you run Opus internal commands from an external source (locally on the same PC). It's most often used via batch files or ~other applications that can call external exe's, where you want the other app to be able to tell Opus to do ~something Opus specific. So... if you had some monitor process running on the remote machine, "watching" for trigger files that you could drop somewhere on the remote machine via CIFS from your local machine, you'd probably turn to that monitoring process (or whatever app you'd use on that remote machine) to then execute dopusrt.exe (locally, ON that remote machine) with the appropriate switches to do whatever you wanted Opus to do (i.e. open a lister to the path you want).

Now that you've explained your use-case... I think you can pretty easily come up with a reasonable way to do what you want though. Instead of having an application run continuously - "monitoring" some folder at the remote machine for these trigger files... once you get to a folder on your local machine that you know you want to get to on the remote machine, you could create a button on your Opus toolbar that writes a BATCH file to a central share path, which would simply contain and then run something like "dopusrt.exe /cmd go <your_desired_path>". On the remote machine you could then have a shortcut or Opus toolbar button that in turn executes that batch file directly, or opens the central share to let you pick from multiple batch files if you need to have more than one available at a time and don't always want to run a 'static' batch file.

I think that general sort of "on demand" method is much more reasonable than having something remotely "follow along" whatever you do on the local machine every step of the way, continuously.

If more than one path is involved (say multiple deeply nested paths opened in different tabs in a single or dual file display lister on the local machine) you could even get creative by saving the entire lister at the local machine as a custom LAYOUT, then copy that <new_layout.oll> file to the remote system(s). Once you get to that remote system, you can then just launch that layout using normal Opus commands in order to access all your folders...

If this sounds useful, and you need help with any of it... just shout. I'm on and offline due to the hurricane in the northeast US, but this shouldn't be difficult to work out.