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Control find folder depth



do you have an idea how can I look for a file called "ntuser.dat" in c:\users, but only in the first sub-folders under c:\users ?

The location of ntuser.dat files are right under c:\users\user1 and c:\users\user2... therefore it makes no sense to look in c:\users\user1\ subfolders

is there any way to add a find filter which would only search into the first subfolder level under the current directory ?

I hope it is clear...

thank you


See the "Restricting the search depth" part of How to filter items by location or sub-folder.


great, thank you Leo, I tried something more or less similar but got lost in the regexp...
your solution is cleaner and more logical !

Since I'm searching in:

I used "\****" as a filter and what used to take a minute or so to complete now takes less than 1 sec !

thank you :slight_smile: