Control opening window position?

Is there a way to control where on the screen (x,y coords, monitor 1 or 2) DOpus opens?

Currently (well at least as far back as DOpus 10-12), when I open a new DOpus lister it opens underneath my mouse, or at least on the screen where my mouse currently is.

Is there a way to just have the new lister window open where the last DOpus window was when it closed? Or at least confine itself to the same screen (that move slightly to the right behaviour windows are so famous for)?

This is particularly annoying when I start up a bunch of programs and DOpus opens on whatever screen my mouse is currently at, and then I have to move the DOpus window back to its rightful place.

Granted it would create a new lister window faster if I used the "start DOpus on start-up" setting but that isn't an option at work.


Yes it's possible, but how to do it depends how how you're opening the Lister.

  1. By single-clicking the taskbar

  2. By double-clicking the *.exe (from a USB)

Turn on the Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Always in the same position option.

I feel very stupid now.

Sorry about that. Not sure why I didn't see it (right there in front of my face).

Thank you very much (both for the help and for DOpus)