Control Panel Selection Wreaks Havoc in Windows XP


Using version I'm having a problem with selecting the Control Panel or any entries under the CP tree, as follows:

  1. Go to Opus (I usually use dual horizontal with single treeview). Everything looks fine and I can drag and drop files from one pane to another.

  2. Click on Control Panel. Most of the time it shows the icons on the right hand display, but sometimes it doesn't (the display is blank).

  3. In any case, I now CAN NOT drag and drop files from one display to the other. As soon as I start to drag a file, the lock symbol appears near the mouse cursor. I can still copy and paste files. Sometimes the whole
    interface ceases to respond to any keyboard or mouse activity, although I can tab to and from it with Alt Tab.

  4. If I click on any of the entries under CP, MOST of the time, the focus reverts back to the prior node. This is true for all entries except for Printers, which usually DOES display. Sometimes, the right display WILL show
    entries for the selected node, but sometimes when it does do this, it goes to the incorrect folder. For example, 'Fonts' goes to a branch under Documents and Settings.

None of this behavior occurs in Windows Explorer. I've tried all of the options under "Explorer Replacement" in preferences, none seem to have any effect on this situation.

Greg is currecntly looking into this issue, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar. I'm using XP Media Edition (which is really XP Pro) with latest SP's installed.



By any chance do you have a Logitech web camera?

Today while investigating this problem I noticed that after I display Control Panel it breaks My Computer for the same lister (just shows up blank). Other listers, both already open and ones opened later, are fine.

This only happened on my main PC, not on my laptop, and must have only started happening recently (I would've noticed if not) so I wondered what I'd added recently which may be causing a conflict. I got a Logitech webcam recently and, maybe coincidentally, it (annoyingly) adds (gratuitous) items to both My Comptuer and Control Panel.

Sure enough, all I had to do was install the Logitech QuickCam drivers on my laptop and the problem started happening there as well. I've sent the driver installer off to GPSoft so they can try and reproduce it.

If you don't have a Logitech camera installed maybe there's something else that you think is a likely culprit?

Yep...I sure do. Sounds like you experienced pretty much the same thing, so that must be it.

I just bought a new computer with the XP Pro. My old computer had Windows 2000, with the same Logitech cam installed, but did not experience the problem. So it appears it's XP specific (I'm assuming you are runing XP also?).

Glad you sent GPSoft the driver. Hopefully they will find the problem.