Controlling network copy speed

Is there a way to limit the bandwidth opus uses when copying files across a network.

My problem. We have a 10M fibre optic link between 2 of our sites which carry all network data and VOIP. If I copy large amounts of files from one site to the other, opus uses as mutch bandwidth as possible. This however impacts the VOIP telephone data, resulting in very crackly conversations.

Can opus be made to "throttle down" its copying to say only use 3M or 4M etc of the connection as and when required?

There's nothing in Dopus that I'm aware of to allow control of this... I'd suggest that you look into some generic tools. I found Bandwidth Controller which seems like it might be a 'generic' bandwidth throttling application. I couldn't quite tell how it works... it's tough to search for software out there that would offer the kind of functionality you're looking for without bumping into webserver/proxy server packages, which I don't think is what you're after. You might also look into what sort of Quality of Service (QoS) options are available for whatever sort of networking backbone you're running... there might even be driver level QoS tools for your NIC cards that may offer some way of doing what you'd like. Maybe hitting Broadcom, Intel, or Cisco/Linksys forums might be a good start to firing up some discussion with ppl knowledgable in this realm of technology...?

Thanks for your help, I have seen this software before, however if I use a VOIP handset plugged in to mt pc, that gets effected as well. I may well submit a feature request for a "throttle control" of something similar.

Hmmm... I'm all for more functionality, so go for it dude. But the other software seemed to suggest you could selectively throttle particular applications (based on port usage actually). I would imagine that you should be able to set some sort of policy to NOT throttle down whatever specific port you VOIP solution is opertaing over...