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Convert image file to pdf?

Does anyone know of a simple add-in/button to convert image files (primarily a jpg) to a pdf without employing third party programs like Acrobat Reader or the like? I regularly receive these and have to open each one up and then print it - it would be nice to have a magic button...

Thank-you for your consideration!

You can print images directly without converting them to PDF first.

You can usually do it by right-clicking the image and choosing Print, although you may find an unwanted program has taken over the action for some file types. (e.g. Here, on BMP but not JPG, Photoshop has taken over the Print action for some reason, despite taking ages to load and being completely unsuitable.)

Within Opus, you could set up a button, hotkey or context menu item which runs the Opus print command (no arguments required) and that will also send any image Opus can decode straight to the standard Windows Print dialog.

I apologize for not being clear; what i wish to achieve is to basically "convert" a jpg to a pdf, mainly for consistency in the records i try to keep! And now i realize that if i just print the dang image file through the Windows file dialog to a pdf, i will basically have achieved that which i wish...


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You could streamline that slightly with this command (works with any printer or virtual printer):

Print TO "Microsoft Print to PDF"

That will take the selected image and prompt you for the name of the PDF file you want to create and then output it, without having to see the main Print dialog at all.

You folks have been more than tolerant with me, i apologize for taking up your time further with the following question:

Where do i find 1) How to create a button and 2) how to assign that command you provided to a button? I tried searching first on "How to assign a command to a button", but could not recognize what i am trying to do!

The top of this ("Raw Commands") should be all you need:

Thank-you for all of your support-

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