Convert picture aspect ratio error


I think I encountered a bug in DO 10 (running here):
When I resize a .jpg picture to a custom size and only provide a width (the heights field stays bland) and select "keep aspect ratio" then the resulting image has a totally wrong aspect ration.

I do hava a portrait picture with a size of 2629 wide x 3958 high . I want to create a thumbnail with a width of 140 pixels.
I select "convert picure" from the right click menu, set the dialogue to "custom size" with a width of 140, keep the height field blank and check the box "keep aspect ratio".

The resulting image has a width of 140 pixels (as expected) but is only 92 pixels high! Suddenly the picture is wider than it´s height .... which is wrong.

The resulting picture should be 140 pixels x 211 pixel.

I think this worked before ... maybe even in a previous DO 10 version, still need to verify that. Can anybody confirm this for me?

Regards - Peweiss


just found that this is fixed in beta - read the fixes some days ago and did not consider them important .... then forgot to check before posting.

Sorry for that - DO support is faster then me finding a bug :slight_smile:.

Regards - Peweiss