Convert with Pixillion failure

I use Pixillion to convert image file formats, and "Convert with Pixillion" appears when an image file is Right-clicked in Directory Opus. Unfortunately, then nothing then happens. In Windows Explorer, Pixillion would open and I could then convert the image file from .png to say .ico or whatever. How can I restore this missing functionality when using Opus?
(I know I could instead try "Open With", but I would like "Convert with Pixillion" to work as I am used to this.

It works OK for me in Opus 12.31, testing with a .jpg file on my desktop.

It works OK for me too - on my desktop. I am talking about right-clicking on a png file - within an Opus lister pane. Then it fails.

Are you using Opus 12.31?

Which versions of Windows and Pixillion?

Pixillion Plus 8.72. Windows 11.

Opus 12.31 x64

I tried with the current version, which is 11.18. That may explain why it worked for me. Likely something they fixed at some point.