Converting buttons to text files

I am currently cleaning up my big menu "Misc." with all the good and bad buttons which I have written over the years but was too lazy to put somewhere else. Doing so manually in Opus seems a bit tedious, so I thought I could convert the configuration file .dop into a bunch of single text files with the name taken from <label> and the body from <instruction>. Writing a script to do this shouldn't be too difficult, but maybe there is xml-converter-tool somewhere that I could use. I found a few, but none provided this specific function.

Or more general: What is a good way to manage buttons once there are quite a few around?

If you want a single button per file, drag the buttons out individually to files.

Or you can right-click them and choose Copy, then paste into a text file.

If you want multiple buttons per file, if they are in a menu you can drag the whole menu to a .dop file, and when you want something from it later, just drag it back, take what you want, then delete the menu.

Or you can backup the entire toolbar the buttons/menu are on.

Manually messing around with the XML is best avoided unless you really have to, since any mistake can render the whole thing broken, or behaving in a weird way that is hard to diagnose.

Yes, I didn't intend editing the xml-files, it's more like salvaging an old car: finding and reusing the good parts and then dumping the junk :wink: