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Copied folders suffixed with " - Copy" instead of Replace prompt

I halfway moved to a new computer. I bought a new Intel NUC, but I am using the same RAM, and 2x NVMe drives. Anyway, I restored app settings from my backup the way I have done in the past. I didn't make any changes. However, when I try to copy files into a location where the same folders already exist, I am getting new folders created with " - Copy" appended to them, instead of DOpus asking me what I want to do (overwrite, skip, etc.) as it usually does. I looked in Settings under Copy Operations, but didn't see anything. Is it somewhere else? Please advise. Thanks!

Which method are you using to copy the folders? e.g. Copy & paste via the clipboard, or drag & drop, or selecting them and clicking the Copy Files button to copy from the left pane to the right pane, etc.

Does this happen with all source and destination folders, or only particular locations?

I was using basic copy/paste. I did not try a large number of sources/destinations because I didn't want to cause more work, but I am trying to copy from a NAS to the Windows drive.

Normally, you'd only see this when copy & pasting a folder to the location it is already in.

Have you modified your Ctrl-V hotkey to run something other than the normal Clipboard PASTE command? (Assuming the paste is being done via Ctrl-V, of course.)

It wasn't done with Ctrl+V in this case, but no....I didn't modify. I used the context menu to paste.

Perhaps it was an isolated case. I just did another copy, and it seemed to work as expected this time.