Copy 1 file to 700+ folders?

This subject appears to have been floating around for a while but none of the solutions I found in the search have worked.

I had thought this was already a feature of Opus & made the "mistake" of offering to do this chore for a co-worker (they need to do this on an annual basis per state regs... joys...) So, after making that offer, I come to find that my beloved Opus cannot do this after all. :frowning:

Or at least within the confines for my wretched scripting abilities.

Assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!! (fingers-crossed...)

This should work:

Have I ever expressed my undying admiration for your abilities? If not, please accept them. :smiley:
(And my co-worker's: she'll be ecstatic at not having to spend hours copying files each year...)


I just fired off a message to our systems folks describing this work situation & the resolution as yet another example of where we could benefit from using Directory Opus in our enterprise. They're pretty hide-bound in some respects, but I keep trying to get them to accept that Opus is a viable product for some of our enterprise applications.