Copy all fields/columns of a lister window

Is it possible to copy all the fields from a lister display, to paste into a spreadsheet?

For example, if I'm looking at a directory containing 100 *.mp3 files, I can set the columns in the lister to display Name, Size, and Duration (i.e. length of the audio in MM:SS). I'd like to copy those three columns and paste into a spreadsheet (or txt file, for processing with Perl etc).

Basically, I want to copy all of the information that the lister is showing me, and paste it into some other tool, for doing complex sorting, arithmetic, statistics, etc.

If I just wanted the files' Names, Sizes, and Mod-Dates, for example, then I could just open a shell and do a "dir >temp.txt". But if I want to play with the more obscure file information fields that DOS's DIR command doesn't know about, but which DOpus will readily display for me (e.g. Duration for music files, or Focal-Length for *.jpg files), then what's a good way to capture these fields into a table?

Any straightforward way to do this? I can't find it.


Use Tools -> Print Folder... which allows you to output to text and CSV files, or the clipboard, as well as to printers. That should give you exactly what you need.

That'll do it! Thanks!