Copy and Paste filename template

When you use the standard DOpus copy function, if the file already exists you are asked to enter a new filename or rename pattern. That works great.

However, when you Copy and Paste a file within the same folder (ie copying to where file already exists, source=destination), DOpus uses an automatic template to rename the duplicate file. As far as I can tell, this template is hard coded (?).

For example: Copy the file "test" and Paste it into the same folder and the new duplicate file is automatically named "Copy of test".

I have no problem with this functionality in the sense that yes, in this case, I don't want to be asked what to call the duplicate file. What I would like, is to specify my own automatic (ie no user interaction) template for the naming. Sort of like what DOpus does with shortcuts (File Operations->Shortcuts).

What, in my opinion, would be the best idea is an optional MD5 checksum duplicate detection upon which the user could setup, in Preferences, what name the new file is given.

As an example, let's say that you copy a file, either by the normal Copy function OR the Copy and Paste function. If DOpus detects that there is a already a file with the same name in the destination folder then it could automatically hash each file to determine if they are exact duplicates. If the hash for both files is equal then the new file could be automatically named using a user specified name template, eg "%1 Copy (%2)", otherwise if the files are actually different but just have the same name then the user could be asked for a new name.

To sumarise my own needs:
I definitely want the ability to be able to name duplicates based on a user template, however, I would personally only want to do this when the two files have identical contents. If the two files had different contents but just happened to be named the same then I would want to manually name the new duplicate file.

This doesn't answer everything above but, for duplicating files in the same directory with the new-name pattern of your choice, my answer to Part 3 of this thread might be useful:

[Four questions from an Opus newbie)

Yes, I already have a Hot Key with the following command:

copy DUPLICATE AS "{file|noext} copy{file|ext}"

that actually will add the extension back, ie "test.txt" becomes "test copy.txt" but as you know, this really isn't the solution I'm after.

I really do believe that an optional automatic rename template should be available and I also believe that two separate behaviours need to be supported when copying and the destination filename already exists for both an MD5 and not an MD5 match.

Fair enough. Don't forget to file a feature request (or two).

Thanks. Will do.