Copy and paste twice: File in use by another process

Latest version of Windows 10

Latest beta of directory opus

If you select a file and copy it to another location it works then select the same file again and try copying it. It says file in use by another process. Wait 5 minutes and press retry and it copies OK. Can you please fix

What kind of file are you seeing that with?

Do you see the same thing with the same action and files in File Explorer?

Which antivirus are you using? Try whitelisting the dopus.exe process in it in case a virus scan is what's locking the file.

Zip file, however explorer does not have this fault so it's definitely a directory opus fault.

Or it's your antivirus, which may be treating programs differently.

Defender has been causing all sorts of problems for people.rrcently, and antivirus can take a long time to scan zip files.

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this fault only happens with zip files but only happens with directory opus

Antivirus treats different software differently.

Antivirus scans zip files differently to other files.

Please try the suggestion. It wasn't made just to fob you off or waste your time. It was made because it may actually solve things, and has solved things for a lot of other people recently.

If it doesn't work, please make a Process Monitor log of what happens, and we'll investigate that.

But if we see antivirus active in that log then we aren't going to help any further because there's no point in us suggesting solutions if you decide they can't possibly be true without even trying them.

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cheers for the info