Copy and use rename preset on copied file(s) in one action


I would like to copy files to a specific directory and use a rename preset on the copied files all in one action. I've searched the forum for solutions but haven't found any.

How can I do this?

Thank you in advance.

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There isn’t a way to do that as a single command (except when the target file already exists).

However, the copy command can do some simple renaming on its own, so it may still be possible. Depends how you want to rename the files.

Thanks for the reply.

I want to rename all copied files to strings of random numbers.

Rename files with random alphanumeric characters - Help & Support - Directory Opus Resource Centre (

Copy command can’t do that, unfortunately. That type of rename would need to be done before or after the copy (or via a script that handles each file separately).

A button could run a copy which adds a “rename me” prefix to the new files, and the run a rename that randomises the name of any file with that prefix. So it should be possible in one button, just not as a single command/line.