With "robocopy d:\source d:\destination /COPY:T" all file times from files in d:\source are copied to files with the same name in d:\destination.

E.g. the file time of d:\source\OneBigFile.iso is transfered to d:\destination\OneBigFile.iso

It is not necessary that both files are identical. Why someone might want this: You have converted pictures or sound files and want to keep the original file times.

So: Is it possible to just transfer file times with dopus?

You could make an Opus button which runs Robocopy to copy the timestamps like that.

Sure. But: Robocopy will always copy file times of all files in that folder. I thought it would be great to highlight one file in source tab and another one in destination tab and copy file time from one to another. Even if they don’t have the same name or if they have the same name but a different extension (picture.bmp vs picture.png).

So I will end up writing a batch file for that. BTW: Thanks for your fast reply.

It's a while since I've used Robocopy. Can it only work on folders or an you give it a pair of source and destination filenames as well? If it works both ways then some kind of button to run it from Opus across two files should be possible.

Good hint. Robocopy will always copy from one PATH to another PATH. BUT: You will be able to specify files or wildcards from the source path that should be copied. This won’t help if destination file has a different name but there are other solutions. E.g.: touch.exe destination.txt -r source.txt