Copy 'Date modified' or Created from file above or below the selection

I use the 'Change Attributes and Times' in the 'Set Attributes' panel a lot to change created or modified dates. Often to sets of 2 to 100 files at the same time.
I have to manually type in the date and time I want.

What I am asking is if its possible to skip the typing and have DOPUS copy the existing attributes from the file above or below those already selected. Basically prefill the settings for me. This would make it all faster for me.

The manual method of course works, but I have to do this so often..

Thanks a lot.

(Using DOPUS v11 on one PC, and v12 on laptop)

Either of these should let you do that more easily:

Thanks so much Leo, the first is ideal. It works well for this task.

is it also possible to set timestamps for selected files from now with the desired step (1min, 1 hr, etc.)

A script could do that. The Date object lets you add and subtract time.