Copy File code in button question

Here's my line of code that I attached to a new button called "Test Copy"
Copy FILE "F:\My Stuff" to "R:" COPYCREATIONTIME=yes COPYTIME=yes WHENEXISTS=replacenewer

What I thought would happen is that only the files that were newer on the F: drive would be copied to the subdirectory "R:\My Stuff" (I discovered that if I coded my destination as "R:\My Stuff" what I got was ALL the files in "F:\My Stuff" got copied to a new subdirectory called "R:\My Stuff\MyStuff"). However, although my files are now properly being updating, I'm getting the distinct impression that ALL the files from the source are being copied to the destination drive, regardless of whether or not I've changed them.

What I'm trying to do here is automate and speed up the process of copying back my files (when I travel) to my home network drive when I come home. I'm not a huge fan of the "sync" process, and it's overkill for me because I only travel with a subset of my files. Any help would be appreciated. I have a different button with code created that got my file subset onto my local drive before my trip, so I didn't think anything was amiss then when I originally copied the files to my local drive.

BTW I'm running Opus 10, and I just installed the latest version of it.

The easiest way to do this is with the Update All command: ... _Files.htm

Sorry, I've now coded "Copy FILE "F:\Rainy's Stuff\Knitting\Socks & Leg Warmers" to "R:\Knitting\Socks & Leg Warmers" UPDATEALL" but by watching the execution of this large subdirectoy I can see that all of the files are being copied. The files already existed in BOTH the source & destination, and they haven't been changed since 2010! What I was looking for was a way to copy only files that were newer on my source or simply didn't exist on the destination. That still isn't happening. Any ideas?

Are the file dates and sizes the same?

Yes. Many of the files were PDFs I just wanted to have on hand in case I needed them; I didn't even open most of them!

What actually makes you think they are being copied?

As I've said, there are a lot of PDFs and it seems to take so long for them to be processed. Is there any way to tell for SURE though? It would be nice if there were some kind of "echo" to let you know just what's going on...

PDFs are typically so small that you wouldn't easily be able to notice whether they're being copied or not.

Settings > Preferences / File Operations / Logging and Help > Logs > File Log should let you see exactly which files are being copied. Or you could use a tool like Process Monitor.

My tree wasn't exactly as you described, but I think I got it. Sorry to be so obtuse, but I haven't used the logs before. What are they called & how do I find out where they're located? (As I'm sure you've guessed I'm very new at trying to actually write code for Opus.)

Are you using the old Opus 9 toolbars and menus?

No, Version X 64

But have you imported your old Opus 9 toolbars into Opus 10? Is that why you can't find the menu items I mentioned above?

Without knowing which toolbars you are using, I don't know what to tell you to do.

This is where the File Log is turned on in the Opus 10 toolbars:

My deep & humble apologies!! I love Opus & your help is invaluable. Thank you so much - you were right all the time!