Copy file collection

I'm trying to add a button that will copy the files in a file collection to a specified location and replace the files if they exists. What is the proper format for using a file collection with the copy command (or any command?)

Also, I understand the file collection file itself is not updated until I exit DOpus. If I create a file collection and then a button as described above, will I need to exit DOpus and re-start before the button will work since the file collection file is empty until I quit Dopus?


Kelly E Major

Don't tell me I've stumped the DOpus guru's???

Seriously, I'd sure appreciate a pointer on the command format, for some reason I can't seem to find the right syntax. As for the second part, I can easily test that myself if I can get part one figured out.

Kelly E Major

Its late so there may well be a better way...

This works though:

Go "Coll://Default/"
Select ALL
Copy TO=E:\Temp FORCE 
Go Back

In this example it changes the current source lister to my collection called "Default" then selects all files, copies them to E:\Temp (using the FORCE parameter) and finally returns to the initial folder in the source lister.

If you know the name of the file you wish to copy then:

Copy Coll://Default/testfile.txt TO=E:\Temp FORCE 

Aha! That helps a lot.

What I really want is the results obtained from your first example, except I don't want the lister to go to the file coll. I just want the button to copy the files in a collection to a specific destination without changing the lister or anything.

Your example will give me a good starting point, thanks!

  • Kelly