Copy Filename 2 Text Question [Tree Deep]

i found this thread
[url]How to copy path to clipboard?]

But it does not seem to do what i need
Pretty much you get a folder

[Work] inside work you have

is there a way to copy the Parent file,
that would then copy all under lying files and folders and you can paste it to text ?

so if i wanted to do an Audit of a folder. Is there a way DOpus could just copy the dir output to Txt and i can just run thru that files and folders ?

thanks guys

Use Tools -> Print Folder... if you want to get a text file listing all files in (and optionally below) a folder.

While it's called "Print Folder" it can also output the results to text and .csv files or the clipboard.

Use the Flat View options within the Print Folder dialog to control whether/how items in sub-folders are included.

thanks i shall play with that and let u know :slight_smile: