Copy filenames into description

Thanks. That should be fixed in the next release, so that it doesn't crash. Doing it via scripting is still better if possible, and lxp's simple script above should do the trick.

I was just testing it out a little bit before commenting...

The script works wonderfully. A little slower than the other way, but that is just fine with me. It works and does not crash, which is what is important.

One thing I noticed, and i noticed it with the original way as well... is that sometimes it does not update the description field. It will miss a few. Exiting the folder and going back in wont show the updated description. Neither will pressing F5 to refresh. Exiting the current instance of DO and opening DO again will show it though. It does not always happen, but when it does, that is how i fix it.

I like the fact that I can view the progress in the script log window. Which is really the only way to verify how the job is progressing. When I have 5000 files to do at once, it takes a while.

And these logs that it creates, do they erase automatically, or will they be somewhere on my HD and I will need to clean them out eventually.

If I start the script and wish to stop it for whatever reason, is there a way to stop it?

Does closing the window and opening a new one fix it, or do you need to restart the whole program?

My guess is the change notification system is getting overloaded with events, and dropping some to keep up.

There's a clear button at the top of the script log panel.

No good way. It can be done, if a progress dialog is added to the script, but it makes things much more complicated.

I should have been more clear. Closing the window and reopening it will do the trick. I do not have to close it from the system tray as well. It just means if I have a bunch of tabs open, I lose them all and I have to reopen them all again. Not a biggie though.

There is no need to get overly complicated with a progress indicator. This simple script does the trick and I can keep my eye out on the log window to know when it is done.

Perhaps if i close DO and close it from the systray will stop the script if need be. But I do not foresee a reason to do so unless something gets messed up.

You can probably just close the tab without closing the whole window.

That's probably the logging.

Toggling the metadata pane might help (F9).