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Copy files from folders to main directory

i am trying to make a button to copy multiple folders content into the main directory.
Here is a example:


I would like to have "d:\test" folder on the left opus window and "d:\test" on the right opus window. Now i select "aaa","bbb" and "ccc" folder and the button must extract all files in the selected folders into the right "d:\test" opus windows.
I have tried this and some diffetents combinations, but it dont work.

Rename PATTERN "(.)/(.).(.*)" TO "\1.\2" AUTORENAME REGEXP

Any idea ?
Thank you

Copy EXTRACT is all you need. It works on folders as well as archives. (The menu attached to the Archive Files button on the default toolbar should already have an item for it and some related commands.)

Or you can use Copy EXTRACT HERE and not worry about the second file display, if you always want the items moved up to the source folder.

Wow it work.
Unfortunally for big files it takes ages becouse it make a copy. How can i move the file instead of make a copy ?
Thank you !

Here's one way:

@dirsonly @nofilenamequoting Copy MOVE FILE "{filepath$}\*" HERE

The somewhat related Merge Folders script may be of interest, if you want to do more complex logic. e.g. To delete the original folders if they are now empty, without the risk of deleting them if they are not empty for some reason (which would happen if the aaa folder itself contains another aaa folder, so there's still an aaa folder when everything is moved up a level). The DOS-batch rmdir command can also be used as a more simple way to delete (only) empty folders.

Thank you for help!
It work.
I am trying to delete empy folfer now with this :
Delete FILTER="emptyfolders" {filepath$}*
i have maked a filter "emptyfolders" with folder only and size=0 but it dont work.
Any idea ?
thank you !

That would only consider deleting empty folders below the selected folders. You probably want to delete the selected folders themselves (if they are empty), in which case you don't want the * on the end. In fact, Delete FILTER="emptyfolders" on its own is probably enough, and will give a better progress display.

FWIW, there's still a case where you might have an empty folder below the top-level folder, with the same name as its parent:


After everything below aaa up a level, you'd have:


If you want to keep everything that was below aaa, you wouldn't want to delete that aaa folder, but since the folder is empty, it would be deleted. Probably doesn't matter, but may be important in certain situations.