Copy files only

Perhaps someone can clarify something for me...

I want to copy contents of folders c:\temp*.* to d:\temp but without the folder structure inside it. ie if i have a structure like:


and i want to copy all the files to d:\temp but without preserving the existing structure.

What I am trying to do is:

  • Copy Filter is turned ON
  • Type / match / [files only]

If i run that filter it copies everything, sub-folders and all. I do not have a 2nd filter or anything else running. Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

I would include a screen cap but it wont let me upload it

Well, not sure if you could adapt this to what you want to do without it seeming a bit klugey but here goes...

If you set Flatview ON to Mixed (No Folders) and try to copy the files that way... you get the following popup:

So, if you write a button that performs these commands:sync:dopusrt /cmd Set FLATVIEW=MixedNoFolders sync:dopusrt /cmd Select ALLFILES sync:dopusrt /cmd Copy TO {destpath}You still get the same popup and can select Same Folder. Maybe there's a better way... but this does what you want. It might take a long time to do it this way if there are LOTS of files in the tree you've selected.

Edit note- This forum doesn't allow image uploads, you need to store the image elsewhere on the net and 'link' to it as I did above.

OK, but what happens if the source folder has 100 folders but you only want to copy the files from 10 of those folders to the destination? The flat fiew would make all 100 folder show up in one location so would be kind of difficult to do what you suggest unless i want to copy all the files from the source folder and subfolders.

Also i download a lot of warez, but i want to keep all the NFO and TXT files in one common dir instead of the child dirs with the game or program. This comes in handy when i burn stuff and i get rid of stuff form the HD. I can use the copy filter, and it will copy all the NFO or TXT files from all subfolders, but it will keep the dir structure. Sure once that is done i could do a 2nd step and go to flat mode to copy them.

Hmmm... well you've given a perfect example of how this option won't work for you then. Too bad flatview doesn't work with file collections and there seems to be know way to automate adding selected items to a file collection :frowning:. Otherwise you could have used that as a 'staging' area. You could probably still do what you want to do, with the use of a tmp folder, move the selected items into a tmp folder, enumerate in flatview, do the copy, then cancel flatview and move the selected items back. But now we're getting really klugey.

OK, but what happens if the source folder has 100 folders but you only want to copy the files from 10 of those folders to the destination?.[/quote]

You can use the "show folders" command to only show the folders you want to copy, then put DOpus into flat view, sort by location to set any files in the root folder off by themselves, select the rest, and copy them as steje suggested above.

e.g. using a show folders command of:

(2005*|flag eagle)

Would only show folders that begin with "2005" or have a complete name of "flag eagle".

Hmmm... good lookin JohnZ, that should work for him. Does anybody know of any tricks to take the 'selected' dir and file names, and somehow pipe that through to the 'Show' commands automatically? This way he could just select what he wants to copy, and hit a button and all this is automated for him?