Copy files to a new folder in a specific path and on a second location


I'm struggling with creating a button . I tried diffrent things but i don't find a good working solution. :confused: Is there someone who can help me out?
The thing i would like to use is at the click of a button, it has to copy the selected files into a new folder on a specific path and put also a backup on a second location ( same structure)
One of the things i tried without succes was :

Copy CREATEFOLDER F:\Backup\Photos

The new location where the files should be stored on would be something like : D\Photos\Brussels

someone who knows a working code?

Friendly greetings

Your example is technically fine, it will copy all selected files and folders to D:\Photos and F:\Backup\Photos. The same way you could of course copy to D:\Photos\Brussels .

Or did you mean something else? Copy stuff from D:\Photos to D:\Photos\Brussels and F:\Backup\Photos, no matter what files/folders are selected?

Why did you think your attempt was unsuccessful?

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You want it to ask you for the name for the subfolder inside those directories it should copy into? Use dlgstring.

Copy CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Folder to copy files to|D:\Photos\}"
Copy CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Folder to copy files to|F:\Backup\Photos\}"

Or, if you want to use the same subfolder in both places:

@set subfolder={dlgstring|Subfolder to copy files to in D:\Photos and F:\Backup\Photos}
Copy CREATEFOLDER "D:\Photos\{$subfolder}"
Copy CREATEFOLDER "F:\Backup\Photos\{$subfolder}"
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Hello , thanks for the reply. I think i explained a bit wrong i guess.
I try to explain with an example
I have files on a sourcedrive (most of the times it will be a SDcard) and want to copy them to the location where i always put my photos : "D:\Photos " and also to the backup location "F:\Backup\photos " . On those locations, there should be a new folder created depending on the name of the shoot.

Things went wrong, because i dont get a pop up to enter a name of a new folder.
The files get copied into the mainfolder ( in this case the D:\Photos " folder instead of the newly created one.)


Hello Robert,

This was what i meant. :slight_smile: This works fine for me .
Thanks a lot.


I just updated the post to include an example where you can have one dlgstring to populate the folder name in both copies. Check it again also. :slight_smile:

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