Copy files with full or partial path?

I have a large music collection with a fairly complex directory structure. So when copying files to a music player, it would be very useful if DOpus could copy the full (or partial) path. It's easier to describe by example. My folders are structured like so:

Classical ->Bach ->Beethoven ->Chamber -> Bagatelles for piano - Kovacevich Diabelli Variations - Kovacevich Piano Sonata No. 23 'Appassionata' - Schiff Piano Sonatas - Ashkenazy ->Instrumental ->Orchestral ->Vocal ->Berlioz ...
So when I copy a single work, e.g.
D:\Music backup\OGG\Classical\Beethoven\Instrumental\Work1

I would like to copy the partial path to the target device, e.g.


I have a script I use when creating batches of MP3 files which does the same kind of thing, and looks like this:

My uncompressed files are in D:\Music\FLAC, with a target of D:\Music\MP3.

The script (using the scripting language of the program I use to create MP3s), looks like this:

Target=D:\Music\MP3 Filename=[TRIMFIRSTFOLDER][TRIMFIRSTFOLDER][origpath]\[origfilename]
[TRIMFIRSTFOLDER][TRIMFIRSTFOLDER] removes D:\Music\FLAC\ from the MP3 filename path.


D:\Music\FLAC\Classical\Beethoven\Instrumental\Bagatelles\03 - Allegretto.ogg
D:\Music\MP3\Classical\Beethoven\Instrumental\Bagatelles\03 - Allegretto.ogg

I'm sure this must be possible when copying in Dopus, but my poor searching skills have yielded nothing so far...