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My problem is best illustrated with a couple of screen grabs. The first one shows what happens when I apply a SELECT filter to a test folder. It does what I expect, i.e. it selects all files and folders whose names do not include the string Some.

The second grab shows my attempt to use the same filter with COPY. My expectation is that everything except Some Folder should be copied. The reality is that everything, including Some Folder, gets copied. The filter appears to be igmored

Regards, AB


The filter won't match "Some Folder", but it will match everything below "Some Folder" (unless those things also have "Some" in their names) because it's only filtering by filename, not full path, and a sub-folder clause hasn't been used. (Changing either thing will fix things, but sub-folder clauses are more efficient.)

See How to filter items by location or sub-folder


Ah yes, of course..... :blush:

Regards, AB