I'm trying to use a filter to copy files like so:

Copy FILTER=FilterName "C:\Path1\Path2" TO "D:\Path1"

in which FilterName filters by "date modified within 1 day". But nothing happens when I run the command. Do I have to maybe put the first path into the filter? I hope not because I have to repeat this for ~20 different paths, and I want to use the same filter for each one.

PS - I can't find any usage examples of all the commands in the help file. It lists each command but it's hard to figure out how the various parameters fit together.

The command is valid but it will copy Path2 -- not the contents of Path2 but Path2 itself -- into Path1, which is where it already is, so it's not going to do much.

Try this instead:Copy FILTER=FilterName "C:\Path1\Path2\*" TO "D:\Path1"
The only difference is the "*" at the end of the first path. That works for me.

Nope, I'm just using the regular "Copy" or "Move" commands. I can't reproduce the problem. I just find that after several copies or moves, all of a sudden I get the Filter popup when I want to do another copy or move.