Copy filters, why is this so complicated

I didn't use them very often, and after a while i just forgot, how to set them. I have that toggle copy filter button, but don't really know, where to set which filter i want to use. Maybe i have to set it in the prefences? I'm not sure. What i would expect, that we can set which filter to use somewhere in the button, or some clearer way, how to select the filter.

You turn on the copy filter option, inside the Copy Files menu, then do the copy normally and it asks you to define the filter.

If you forget, it's explained in the manual which has a whole section on filtered operations.

Ok, i found it now. Once i started the copy, i saw it. But i tried to figure out beforehand, what to do.

The manual is perfect for figuring things out.

Yes, normally. But sometimes in a hurry with all kind of tasks going on it is a bit difficult to find the right thing on the spot.

This is why I've made a "Filtered Copy Files" button (code for it is just literally Copy FILTER) and put it into a standard Copy menu-button.


Once clicked, it will immediately popup a filter settings and then do a copy operation using those, and after it's done I don't have to remember to untoggle the copy filter like you normally have to do when using the usual method.

You can also make similar buttons for other operations such as Move and Delete as needed, way more convenient.


Hmm, that's an idea. I will give it a try. Thanks.