Copy from Desktop to Desktop

Sometimes need a long path transferred to a different computer to make life easy. I thought if I dragged the txt icon to the path that is displayed above the active Lister window, it would work, but no.

I thought a possible issue might be where it comes from since it's a sys directory:
\Bob\c\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop
So I tried a regular directory and it worked. It seems that the Windows 7 SYS directory is the issue.
In essence I am copying from a Win 7 to an XP Pro

I need an easy down and dirty done solution. Any ideas?

P.S. After years of serious use, evidently not serious enough, I discovered that I could drag a file to the path above the Lister display window and copy or move a file.
Wow every day a new revelation.

I'm not really sure what you are asking. The description seems to mix up lots of things that do not all go together.

What do you mean when you say you "need a long path transferred to a different computer?" Are you trying to copy the contents of a folder from one computer to another, or are you trying to copy the path-string (i.e. the full name of a folder) from one computer to another, or something else?

What do you mean by "txt icon" and "sys directory"?

At times I want to do a paste into a text file and send it to another computer that's on the network. It could be a path or anything. Just a text file that needs to be passed on to another computer in the simplest way possible.

So you're trying to paste a file into \Bob\c\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop but it 'goes wrong'?

What actually happens? What error do you see?

If you get an access denied error, it's because the account you are using does not have permission to write into that folder. Try another folder, like the Desktop folder for your own account rather than the All Users one. You're more likely to have write access to that, although it all depends on how the folder has been shared (and the permissions on the folder + the share) and how you are connecting to the folder (and which account you are using to connect to it).

I drag file to "Bob", the name of the computer. All the drives that are on the "Bob" can be seen in the Lister. Here is the error:
An error occurred coping 'New Text Document':
The network name cannot be found. (67)

Strange error message since Opus sees and list the drives that are on "Bob".

Let me add that I am on the "AUX" computer trying to move a file to the desk top of "Bob".


If you do the same thing using Windows Explorer, does it work?

Are you dropping the file on Bob itself, or on one of the network-shares ("drives") below it?

Here is a picture of the action I'm doing.
Thanks again for the help Leo.

This is exactly what we are doing.


You can't do file/folder operations to the computer/server name's root (\bob). You can only do file/folder operations to the shared folders them-self (\bob\sharename).

Thanks. Shared folders. That might actually work.