Copy, Go, Select

A Go command followed by a Select command usually works as expected. However, if the Go command is preceded by a Copy command, the Select command does nothing. The following test button can be used to demonstrate this.

[ol][li]Run it once with the Shift key depressed to create the target folder and copy a test file. Note that nothing is selected, so the Select command did nothing.[/li][li]Run it a second time without the Shift modifier so that the copy command is bypassed. This time the Select command works.[/li][li]Run it a third time with the Shift key depressed to force another copy. Once again, nothing is selected.[/li][/ol]

Regards, AB

Copy and Go.dcf (791 Bytes)

Does turning off Preferences / File Operations / Copy Options / Automatically select newly copied files make a difference?

Just tried it Leo, and the answer is... no difference.

Regards, AB

Here is another similar oddity. Possibly the same issue? I have tweaked it to demonstrate the problem.

If I execute with no key modifier, everything works as expected. The source folder is opened, sorted, and filtered; the first matching file is selected; the user is prompted to restore; and finally Copy DUPLICATE is executed. However, if I execute with a Shift modifier, the source folder is opened and that's it.... No filtering, no selection, no confirmation dialog, no Copy.

Regards, AB

Restore Opus Favourites.dcf (1.24 KB)